08 November 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday - 32.

I don't feel that old. 35 always sounded ancient but I am one step closer.

Today has been a weird day. Positive. Negative. Finding myself pulled to both ends of the spectrum at any given moment.

Happy because I cruised around in the Benz wearing a fab dress. Happy when MM gave me the most wonderful hugs in the world, grabbed my bum, told me I looked great.

Then later MM gives me the "friends" routine. I am so sad. Our relationship is truly over. We are no longer stalled - we are done.

Sad because I never pictured myself at this point in my life being here. The aloneness is deafening today.

Happy because right now I am wearing my skinny jeans.

Happy because I have come so far in the past year, so far since my last two birthdays.

Sad due to a broken heart. While it has been broken for awhile, reality has arrived. Time for me to move on.

May this next year only be bigger and brighter than any that have come before!

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Norma said...

I'm using the randomizer and just tonight have found 3 broken hearts. I'm so sorry. May things brighten for you soon. I used acupuncture for a leg pain, and it was wonderful.