01 November 2006

November is Here!

Here begins my journey into NaBloPoMo.

The main painting project is complete. My house is officially beige... I live in a beige house... oh the tragedy... the humanity... but I am really loving the colorlessness of it all. I am now officially in my monochromatic house phase. Still have about 2 gallons of paint left, so the lime green & lilac room is next to go!

Next project, determine where to make new and exciting nail holes in my walls to hang all my various junk. Ah, the hammer and nails makes my heart sing!

Of course, the bathroom is still incomplete. Must find motivation for laying tile. Must. Must.

In other items, MM is calling again. I think we are on the road to relationship healing. He invited me over for dinner on Saturday with the girls. It was absolutely marvelous being greeted at the door with excited screams and huge running, leaping hugs. My heart simply sang.

Looks like I will have the girls on Thursday evening, while MM works on closing a deal. I am looking forward to it. I have missed those two little peeps and I know they have missed me too.

On Saturday night, I felt a completeness I haven't felt in a long time. The four of us eating, watching tv, being together - nothing exciting - but an overwhelming sense of knowing, belonging.

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