13 November 2006

A Special Birthday Greeting

Saturday evening prior to heading out to trivia, I had an unusual experience. An experience I won't share with many people. An experience that many people would not believe.

My main bathroom is not used often. I have a small lamp that sits in the far corner of the counter top. Again, the lamp is rarely turned on. Remember I live alone - that is key.

I brought the clean and folded laundry upstairs to actually keep it in a timely manner. I went out into the hallway to get the second laundry basket and as I came up the stairs, I noticed the bathroom lamp was on.

I kept walking and then it dawned on me - WTF!! The light is on! How? Why? Cautiously I went back to the bathroom and yes, the lamp was on. My heart stopped. Initially, I was worried the spirit of the old Indian lady that lives my office was expanding her territory. But then I thought back on when my great-aunt died earlier this year.

On the morning of my great-aunt's funeral, a light bulb burst with a loud noise when I turned on a light. It was odd and I knew it was my great-aunt. (Yes, I watch a little too much Sylvia Brown and John Edward!)

That was when I realized, that lamp in the bathroom was a sign from my great-aunt. She popped in for my birthday. My great-aunt was very special to me - she was always more my grandmother than an aunt. She was one of the very first people to see me when I was born and she came to visit me for my birthday this year too.

My fear of the unexplained light turned into the warmth of love overflowing. I told her thank you for coming to see me. It is nice to know she is looking out for me. It is also nice to know that I can recognize her sign too.

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danelle said...

My guess is that the more accepting you are of the signs, the more you will see!