14 November 2006

Now here's the type of post I like...

This afternoon was acupuncture treatment number 2. I got a few more needles in my ankles. The sensations were entirely different this time. It was very interesting. I was not nearly as tired as after the last treatment.

After my trip down acupuncture land, I headed to Shopping Mecca to kill time between end of acupuncture and beginning of knitting. I did a bit of shopping and then onto Kool Ass Grill for cocktail hour.

I picked up a guy!!! I got asked my name, for my phone number !!! and felt eternally dumb for telling the poor man that I needed to go to knitting class!!! I hope he calls me!

I spoke more than I normally would have and it certainly paid off. He seems to be with it and gainfully employed. I could enjoy one or two dates of pure fun. I think he dug me.

I didn't want to go to knitting class tonight because I was having a good time with Newbie. However, I have waited for class for so long that I decided I had to tell him knitting class was calling. I don't know if he believed me or not - there is the rub.

I'd like to hear from him again. I really would. Keep your fingers crossed!!

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