30 November 2006

Farewell NaBloPoMo

Hard to believe 30 days and November will be but a distant memory in a few hours.

It is still fucking freezing here. I hate the snow. While it did melt some today - at least the sun came out a bit - it is still chilly.

Don't quite know how I am going to get myself out of bed in the complete darkness that is 5:30 AM.... gym day with Neighbor. I was hoping we'd get the rest of the week off due to inclement weather but alas I will burn some calories off my arse!

I started painting in the kitchen today. Thought about MM's lawyer whilest painting trim - really need to comparison shop I think.

I am bummed as I was not offered Dream Job at this time. I received that crushing blow to the abdomen and ego yesterday. But it also buys me time to get my life - personal life straightened out - find mind, body, soul nirvana before heading off into the wild blue yonder.

I am still melancholy as I looked forward to jetting off to Amsterdam after the first of the year. But hell hasn't frozen over yet, so hope can still burn within my heart. Because without hope, I am nothing.

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