23 November 2006

Gobble, Gobble

It is glorious to be able to sleep in on a fair Thursday morning.

Thanksgiving is not a holiday I get into. It never has been. Must be missing the Turkey Day gene. I don't care for turkey - stuffing with turkey innards - yuck - mashed potatoes with gravy - gravy with turkey innards - oh the humanity - basically every aspect of Thanksgiving that doesn't need to be tainted with turkey innards was; hence, this gyrl doesn't dig it.

Then there is the boycott, which is in its second year. Last year I decided not to participate in the unnecessary drama any longer. My requests for change were ignored; therefore, I do not show up. It shouldn't have to be that way but it is. Maybe one day, they will wake up - maybe they won't. I am only responsible for myself.

Prior to the Great Breakup Fiasco of 2006, I had so been looking forward to having Thanksgiving with MM and the gyrls. I was thrilled to be embarking on a new phase of life - starting my own family traditions. Shit, now I am a little teary eyed. Well, this is the training ground for Christmas - that was the one I was really looking forward to with MM and the gyrls.

When MM dropped the gyrls off on Monday, they were so happy to see me. Big hugs and happy loud voices were everywhere. We played with the dogs. We made cookies. It was grand. Those gyrls were very, very happy. They did not want to leave my house and their father saw that. We went to dinner afterwards. In the parking lot, the gyrls were holding my hands. Their father saw that. At dinner, the girls wanted me to sit in between them. Their father saw that. I taught them how to use chopsticks - the gyrls laughed and smiled and so did I - their father saw it. When they dropped me off, both gyrls wanted big hugs from me and he saw that too.

While I know MM will never find anyone else who loves those gyrls so much and vice versa, it still makes me sad. I know one day he will regret his decision. Those gyrls will not be instilled with a fierce sense of self and independence and confidence.

Tuesday, MM told me it was wonderful to see me.

Yesterday, MM was IM'ing me all day. He invited me to go with them for Turkey Day. I declined. He told me he can see how much better I am doing. oh well, we're just friends - I am sticking to friends for just awhile longer.

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